Friday, August 01, 2014

The Gaza Conflict In Perspective

English: Pro-Hamas demonstrators at a rally in...
English: Pro-Hamas demonstrators at a rally in Damascus Syria in december 2008 during the Israel-Gaza conflict. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Number killed in Gaza: 1,700
Number killed in Syria: 170,000

Syria is like 100 Gazan conflicts strung together. And nobody cares. Who's talking about Syria? Nobody. Who's talking about Israel? Everybody.

Why is that? What ever it means this is incontrovertible: we really don't care about dead people. We only care if it resonates with a Western storyline. In this case, "Israel bad, Muslim Arabs good", or, maybe, "Israel powerful bully, Muslim Arabs poor victims".

Steyn is nailing the Gaza conflict. Go to Mark Steyn Online keyword Hamas.

A final question: what idiot persuaded Israel to give back Gaza? I would really like to know. If my country is attacked repeatedly, and it prevails, and takes territory, it keep it. Why give someone dedicated to your destruction a "do-over"?

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