Monday, August 18, 2014

The Michael Brown "Gentle Giant" Media Narrative Goes South

The media's consensus narrative of an angelic "gentle giant" lasted about a day.
Then the consensus narrative morphed to something like "once the villainous Ferguson police were replaced by the tolerant, accommodating, highway patrol, peace and goodwill prevailed, laughter even". That lasted about another day.
Then the consensus narrative morphed to "at least the highway patrol have the good sense to let the overnight looting go un-challenged, so as not to rile up the 'hood". That lasted another day or two.
Now, the national guard have been called in. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton can sleep peacefully: "mission accomplished". 
Meanwhile, the lawyers for the Ferguson liquor store have gone on record that the store did not call in the theft, and did not hand over the video to the police willingly. According to the article, they did this because store owners in Ferguson are in fear of retaliation if they call in thefts or "rat" on the locals. They are in fear of their lives of "gentle giants" like Michael Brown.

The media narrative gone south.

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