Saturday, August 11, 2018

America: Is There a White Push-Back?

An excellent article from Taki's Magazine on the inevitability of push-back against incessant media/Democrat goading of white Americans...
Now, you might think that if you don’t like the increasing racialization of American politics—which is, as Klein notes, driven by mass immigration—you might think it wise and prudent to cut back on immigration for a while.
But of course that simple remedy never comes up in Klein’s essay. The “browning of America” is instead presented as some vast natural process, like the drift of the solar system through the Milky Way. And the browning of America is much less under human influence than climate change.
To Vox readers, importing a new electorate of foreign ringers is how they intend to grind their enemies, their fellow American citizens, into the dust beneath their political chariot wheels, so it’s best not to notice what they’ve chosen to inflict upon their nation.
After all, that white Americans are slowly waking up to the fact that they don’t really want to get pushed around by newcomers just for being white merely proves that whites deserve their fate.
And an excellent review of the excellent article in American Spectator:
You can’t insult a group of people repeatedly, aggressively, the way the Left in its mob mentality insists upon doing to the majority of America and not expect consequences. Those will come. And in its rampant enthusiasm the Left has apparently decided to take a swing at some 60-plus percent of the population — a decent chunk of which has heretofore been sympathetic to its policies.
When non-whites act in their perceived collective interests it is the natural order of things; when whites do the same, it is racist.

As the recent Laura Ingraham pile-ons  demonstrates.

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Anonymous said...

When whites finally do push back you will see why whites gained control of most of the planet.

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