Tuesday, August 07, 2018

You don't know me from Adam...

... I think that's how the phrase goes.

William Lane Craig is studying the issue of Adam in the Bible. Historical? Figurative? Representative?

Here's an interesting nugget on the difference between biblical vs. systematic theology.
It’s crucial that the tasks of biblical theology and systematic theology be pursued in pristine isolation from each other. There is an almost irresistible tendency to allow science to guide our biblical interpretation. This sort of interpretive approach to Scripture is often called “concordism.” Beginning with what modern science tells us about the origin of the world and mankind, we approach the biblical text and read that science into the text, or, at least, read the text in such a way that it comports with modern science. The flaws in such a hermeneutic are obvious: (1) It does not interpret the text as the author and its intended readers would have understood it but imports meanings foreign to them; (2) As science progresses, every generation will read its own science back into the text, e.g., 19th century biology and geology.  
Worth noting.

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