Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The NDP are passing resolutions

The NDP wants to do great things; they just need all our capitalist-generated money to do it. They don't mind if we make it, just as long as they get to spend it. In fact, they pretty much need us to make it for them.

They don't mind if we abort all our children, just as long as we abort boys and girls in equal numbers.

And, to support same-sex equality, they are willing to trash the historical definition of marriage and support the notion that a child can have two men or two women as its legal parents on its certificate of live birth.

There's currently a court case working its way through the system where a lesbian mother wants to add her partner as one of the child's parents, legally giving the child three parents (two mothers and a dad). The NDP will likely support this. And why not? Once the male-female procreation thing is dispensed with, there is no necessary reason why marriage should be restricted to two persons, or why a child's parents should be limited to two.

Cruelly, though, the NDP's ears remain deaf to the call to end the bigotry, prejudice, hate and small-minded mean-spiritedness towards another marginalized and oppressed sexual minority -- those who are attracted to the under fourteen crowd and who have the same right to equality under the beloved Charter as everyone else.

Someone in the NDP should propose a motion guaranteeing the equality of all sexual orientations, and not just those that are state-approved or favoured by society.

Otherwise, the Charter's sexual equality guarantees aren't worth the paper they weren't written on.

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