Friday, December 11, 2009

30,000 Activists Cannot Be Wrong

Some people place their hope in the Return of the King, you know, the Soon Coming Prince who will judge among the nations, set things that are wrong, right, and rule in perfect justice and righteousness (while, in the minds of some, at least, driving an eco-friendly Prius between Jerusalem and the 'burbs).

Hah! Losers!

No need to wait!

I'm placing my hope in 30,000 AGW activists, who at this very moment are munching caviar, quaffing fine wines, and raising cheery glasses in generous toasts to lavish and ever increasing public funding, all the while plotting urgent and imminent strategies to force the rest of us to restrict our planet-killing CO2 footprints.

Meanwhile, let's raise 30,000 glasses to global warming -- "global warming has been good to me!"

And that's the way the left-out-in-the-cold Ball bounces.

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L said...

Let's hope all the dictators are too mellowed-out taking up free offers to notice that the UN will never rule the world and their Swiss Bank accounts will not be padded.

Love this: G7 finance ministers, February 5-6, 2010, Iqaluit, Nunavut, Canada. I hope they turn off the heat, as our initial contribution to per capita cap-and-steal treaty fraud. We can use dog sleds instead of limos and provide seal skin and polar bear blankets to provide green jobs for Canadians, as the herds need culling anyway. Traditional hunting is, after all, carbon-neutral.

I think Winnipeg would be a terrific place to hold the next after Mexico winter Global Climate Change? meeting. Or, if Canada is done with meetings, maybe Minnesota or even Chicago in Jan or Feb. Even Northern China or Russia. It would be an interesting trip for all the dictators, to see how the other half lives. Fortunately, fewer loud activists would come. Nice places like Bali should be off-the-table.

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