Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Decline and Fall of American English, And Stuff

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A good article: The Decline and Fall of American English, And Stuff.

And that's the way, like, you know, the Ball bounces, you know what I mean?
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Anonymous said...

Do you know the difference in meaning of the following words?:

fewer & less
will & shall
their & there
they're & their
they're & there
to & too
to & two
too & two

If you do not know the differences in meaning of those words, you may be a rednck. Or you may just be an unfortunate member of the baby-boom generation.
The baby-boom generation was in "grammar school" after WWII, when a sharp decline in supply of qualified public and private school teachers, combined with the influence of the linquistics movement to drive traditional intruction in traditional English grammar out of both public and private schools. The influence of those two factors combined with the pop-culture movement expressed in slogan "I'm OK. You're OK." to being on the deplotable written English so prevalent on the www. The linguist movement preached the doctrine that concepts of linguistic "correctness" supported a social dominance ideology and was, therefore, undemocratic. Hippies cheered. Teachers feared.

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RkBall said...

Howard -- where are you relative to the baby-boom - post or prior? I'm a baby boom kid, and the education I got up in Canada was very traditional. I thought the decline was more a function of the 60's and beyond -- well into the post 1945 baby boom.

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