Monday, March 07, 2011

New Poll: What should you do if a cash machine overpays?

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Don't miss the Ball Bounces latest poll: what should you do if a cash machine overpays?

If you're a Carleton University student (see below), you keep it -- and tell your friends.

I once got a 10 dollar bill where it should have been a five. I went to the bank to pay back the 5. It caused a flap. It would have cost the bank more than $5 to "fix" the problem. I think in the end they let me keep it.

But I have no doubt I did the right thing in reporting it.

It's amazing how "do unto others (as you would have them do unto you)" and "love your neighbor" helps clarify moral situations. If a man is pursuing goodness, who wouldn't love the gospel? Who wouldn't love the Christ of the gospels?

And it sure beats "it's not what's right or wrong, it's what you can get away with" -- which is where our post-Christian Canadian culture seems to be heading.
And that's the way the I'm up $5 Ball bounces.
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Anonymous said...

I find the Bible interesting. I like and respect the Christian ethics and morality.
I strongly dislike the "anything-goes" subjective morality that is prevalent today.

But I am unable to have faith.

If you pray continously about various matters and NOTHING HAPPENS then really, why bother?

RkBall said...

Now that my friend is a very interesting comment.

The most important thing we need to pray about is our relationship with God. And, if we engage in a process of repentance leading to personal faith in Christ, I can assure you that THINGS HAPPEN! They certainly did in my life. When we are reconciled to God through faith in Christ, our relationship with God changes -- from enemy through estrangement by sin, to friend, by the blood of Christ. And then you will see prayers answered!

Hope this helps.

Maybe Joe will have something to add...

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"