Wednesday, March 09, 2011

“We are being persecuted and killed here by Muslims”

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Muslims are persecuting and killing Christians in Egypt.
“We are being persecuted and killed here by Muslims,” said Bishoi Edmund, 24, a protester from the largely Christian neighborhood of Shoubra....
The attack against the church in Soul is said to be the result of tensions surrounding an interfaith love affair.
A church gets burned down because of "tensions" surrounding an interfaith "love affair"? Gee, I wonder who burned the place of worship down? And Christians had the audacity to complain and protest? And then Muslims show up and eleven people die?

For an example of biased reporting of the killings and the events leading up to them, see the NYT article, here. It amounts to the usual "let's just blame both sides equally and call it a day, shall we?".  I'll let you sort through the various points and ways the NYT obfuscate and downplay the Muslim role in church-burning and fatal protests.

Christians are getting squeezed out -- often literally to death -- of the Middle East, while the West clips its nails and wonders if it needs a manicure.

Oh yeah, and worries terribly about possible western discrimination against muslims.


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Patsplace said...

Gutless fools. Putting down your gun and extending your hand will only allow them to cut off your head with impunity. They don't get it. This is what Muslims live for.

RkBall said...

Not all Muslims. I know some gentle ones. But, the unwesternized Muslim mind is a scary thing.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"