Sunday, October 30, 2011

Nurturing Little Newfie Cheaters

GDR "village teacher" (a teacher tea...Image via Wikipedia"Earlier this month, Eastern School District along the east coast of Newfoundland unveiled a new evaluation policy that said teachers should not give a student caught cheating a zero, but an “alternate appropriate assessment.” The student’s mark should be “derived from the second assessment” with no academic penalty for having been dishonest in the first place."
So,  we're penalizing the teachers instead of the students (by making teachers do extra work). And what's with the author's funny use of the term "bluff" as a synonym for cheat (see below)? Nothing wrong with bluffing on an answer, is there?
Newfoundland’s largest school board is “enabling students to cheat” with a new policy that requires teachers to let students caught bluffing on their tests get a second try with no academic penalty, the province’s teachers’ association charged this week in a complaint that echoes frustrations in other school districts across the country that are rethinking the way they discipline student cheaters.
PS -- It's OK to say "Newfie", I hope? No disrespect intended!


Anonymous said...

As a proud "Newfie", I can say with complete certainty that this policy only makes sense to the broad foreheads in charge of the education system. There isn't a teacher or a parent who is in agreement with this. The only people getting cheated are the kids who are getting turned out into the workforce with the idea that these sorts of actions are ok in the real world.

Anonymous said...

I already told my kids I'm not afraid to put them back in the same grade next year if I catch them cheating.

RkBall said...

You are on your way to creating moral children.

Anonymous said...

You gotta love the people on power, when one of the teachers was ask about what would happen if they fudged the number for a student and help them pass while not doing it properly as a re-test, the Teacher said the THEY would be punished or fired.
So great , teachers can lose their jobs if they help a student cheat which is now legal. But somehow the student will absorb this object lesson that if they bcome a teacher they have to obey the rules, any other job then can rob the employers blind or cheat tax payers with fake overtime card to pad their Pensions.

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