Friday, December 23, 2011

Caledonia Verdict: Justice, Canadian-Style

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Native attacker gets reduced sentence for ‘vicious’ Caledonia assault.

"CAYUGA, Ont. — For beating a non-native builder to within an inch of his life during the fiery native occupation in nearby Caledonia, a young aboriginal man was sentenced to less than two years in jail, plus time served – a punishment that leaves the victim’s family demanding an inquiry into how the courts treat First Nations offenders."
Some Canadians are more equal -- a lot more equal -- than others.

Question: If a native whacks another native does he a) get a reduced sentence because he's a native, or b) get charged extra -- with a hate crime -- because he whacked a native?

In Canada, the soft racism of diminished expectation is alive and well.

My ancestors lived through the Irish potato famines. Does this buy me anything?


Gerald said...

My ancestors are also from Ireland,my Great-Grandfather.My father was injured in WW1,no pension,passed away with very little money in 1973.I had 11 siblings and none of use graduated,but we eked out a living due to hard work and honesty.My son graduated from high school, but has no university.He is a plant manager due to hard work.The Jewish and Irish were the most persecuted people in the last 100 years and maybe of all time.gerald

Gerry said...

And mine through a WW1 Siberian concentration camp - and no it buys us nothing except the realization that we come from survivors and have that ancestry to pass on to and vitalize in our own children.
That along with the truth that a victim only has to be a victim once to lay claim to 'virtuous' victim-hood their whole life long while achievers like us have to get up every day and do it again and again.

And for those quick to the mark to sneer, stuff it.

dmorris said...

From my experience,if a Native whacks another Native, his sentence is certain to be less than if he was non-Native.

Most Judges in places where Natives appear in Court frequently,are fully aware of the conditions on Reserves,so they act in accordance with the Natives' customs,which presumes that life is cheap.

Let's quit ignoring the "elephant" in the phone booth,Justice in Canada is multi-tiered,has been for quite some time.

Justice is not blind,it is blinded by political correctness.

In light of the Caledonia debacle,I assume Ontario has been swept by a pandemic of insanity,in Ontarians voting both the Premier and Police Chief into Office.

Alain said...

Another miscarriage of justice which is unacceptable. I would hope there is a way to appeal this.

Sean M said...

My heart goes out to the victim, who has now been victimized twice. Once by a vicious, racist Indian and once by a racist "Judge" and court. Bloody disgraceful!

RkBall said...

Anon says:

"My grandfather was an orphan immigrant from the slums of Glasgow. Does that mean I can join in a group attack on an elderly man in his own home. While attempting to extort a "tax" on this home. Beat him nearly to death with a 2x4 and then play the poor indian card. He should have gone to jail for at least 10 years. I don't give a damm how many of his relatives are doing time. This is straight BS. This has to change.

Cheers Bubba"

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"