Saturday, December 17, 2011

Canadian Immigrants Want Their Money Back

Map of Prince Edward Island
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"The program... has floundered in the three Maritime provinces under the weight of political scandals sparked by scathing auditor-general’s reports, RCMP investigations, lawsuits, allegations of bribes and corruption and, in Prince Edward Island, a protest by Chinese immigrants who stormed the provincial legislature demanding their money back."

Money back? We all want our money back.

Welcome to Canada.


Alain said...

For some reason the link does not work for me. I keep getting the message that Safari cannot open this page.

RkBall said...

Thanks. Fixed.

Alain said...

Thanks. I find it sad on a few levels. First I feel sorry for the immigrants who were taken for a ride, and second I think the idea behind the program is sound and it is disgusting that it was so mismanged and abused. From the sound of it, the corruption makes one thing of Quebec or even Mexico. I wish the immigrants who were scammed success.

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