Tuesday, June 17, 2014

"Engineers are better suited to understand climate…"

English: Math is prerequisite to Ontology. Mat...
English: Math is prerequisite to Ontology. Math and Ontology are prerequisite to Physics. Math, Ontology and Physics are prerequisite to Chemistry (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Overheard in the comments section over at JoNova:
Engineers are better suited to understand climate than virtually any other group except geologists. This is because they can think in terms of systems without getting hung up on the mechanism.
The group which least understands climate is Climate Scientists taught at the schools which, because they were created for the purpose of Marxist Post-Normal Science, e.g. CRU, teach incorrect physics. The next group which has serious problems is Meteorology, which also teaches incorrect physics. 
The final group which has problems is Atmospheric Science, which also uses incorrect Sagan physics. 
We engineers have a head start on most!

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