Monday, June 02, 2014

The Misguided Obama Bergdahl Prisoner Exchange

The story so far:

* In 2009 a US soldier said he was ashamed to be an American (echoes of Michelle Obama?) and the US army was a joke, deserted. Six Americans trying to get him back died as a result. He was promoted during his captivity.

* In 2014, within a day or so of the VA scandal Chairman's resignation, President Obama urgently exchanged 5 top Guantanamo Bay terrorists for him. In doing so, he broke the law to get back a deserter who caused the death of six Americans and who possibly committed treason.

* There was a press conference with the President of the United States and the soldier's parents in attendance. The White House obviously viewed this as some kind of magnificent triumph and PR opportunity. Susan "it was the video" Rice characterized the soldier's service as exemplary.

Americans' reactions will range from joy to fury depending on what aspects of the story they hear and believe. I tend to the fury side, but am willing to listen and learn.

* * *

Perhaps the White House wanted to get this guy and punish him by handing him over to the VA?
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