Sunday, May 20, 2007

"God is Good to Us" - Update"

Good news from the Congo. Rev. Mufika's children are going to be OK. Here's the update I received from him.

brother Rick,thanks for prayers:they have left
hospital on friday.Bethel,Esther,and Lois are gone to
zambia yesterday,but Naomi,Matthew,and Nico,the little
boy,are still under treatment at home.
we saw the power of the resurrection of Jesus on this
accident when we see the vehicule destroyed totally.
Matthew 28:20 is a reality to us.
Please,inform others about it! God bless you!

Let's continue to pray for Rev. Matieu Mufika and his family, that the resurrection power of Christ would continue to be experienced by them on a daily basis.


itsboopchile said...

This is really a "Praise the Lord" ending. And really good news. Everyone will remember that God is good.

Betty G

RkBall said...

It's really pretty simple; the devil comes to destroy; Jesus comes to bring life. Those who choose Jesus, choose life.

Pour it into us, Lord! More, Lord!

Strengthen the weak, heal the sick, raise the dead.

We need more of Jesus Christ.

Three cheers for the resurrection life of Jesus Christ!

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