Sunday, May 13, 2007

"God is Good to Us"

I received a distressing email from the Rev. Matthew Mufika, of Zambia and the DR Congo.

His family has been involved in a terrible car crash, and six of his children are badly injured.

Let us pray his family may experience the Life that is in Christ Jesus and that they may be spared and healed.

Here's the letter as I received it from Mufika.

- - -

God is Good to us.

We were all the family in kolwezi for the 10th
anniversary from 1to 06 mai 07,and on their way back
to lubumbashi,they did a car accident
,Naomi,Mathew,and Nico are unde surgery but
Bethel,Esther,and Lois are injured. they are at Don
bosco clinic in lubumbshi.we neeed your prayers.
please inform the Kerr's.

lot of love

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itsboopchile said...

Will pray.
Betty G

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