Monday, June 04, 2007

Atheists and Reason

Atheists reason believe they believe the that reason is a reliable world makes rational sense.

* * *

The preceding sentence was strung together by random evolutionary word-forces. Give it time and eventually it will self-organize into a beautifully coherent sentence.

Meanwhile, it always strikes me as odd that atheists have such exuberant faith in reason.

First of all, why should something like reason, along with abstact thinking, and logic, even exist in an uncreated, purely materialistic universe? Shouldn't the universe just be chemical drips?

Secondly, why should an theist think that reasoning should make sense, be logically coherent, and be believed? Why shouldn't reason be just like the semi-random words strung together at the top of this post -- nonsensical, illogical, and without any grounding in or correspondence with objective, absolute truth (if there even is such a thing)?

Thirdly, even if atheists can reconcile their atheistic beliefs with this beautiful thing we call reason (which is close to the heart of who Jesus Christ is -- consider the book of Proverbs, and the doctrine of the Logos), how can they possibly trust anything that pops into or out of their undesigned, junkyard brains?

It is rational for Christians to make full use of reason -- we believe that the universe makes sense, that it consists of both material and immaterial realities, that God created us in His image, designed our brains, and is responsible for the existence of reason, logic, abstract thought, etc.

When atheists try to demonstrate the non-existence of God through the employment of reason, they're inadvertently supporting the other side of the argument -- the very fact that they believe in reason, which makes absolutely no sense in an uncreated, undesigned universe.

It's easy to be a logically coherent and consistent Christian; it is very difficult to be a logically coherent and consistent atheist.

They keep trying to snuff God out; they just can't seem to manage it because it would entail complete intellectual nihilism -- a complete denial that anything they're saying makes sense, has any relevance or importance to anything, or should be believed by others.

And that's the Ball the way the the drip drip bounces.

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