Thursday, June 14, 2007

Will the Courts Recognize Polygamy?

The Supreme Court of Canada recently recognized collective bargaining as a Charter right. Not that it's in the Charter, but don't let that stop anybody.

The courts interpret the Charter as they choose. We now have no idea what the Charter says or means until the courts tell us. Liberal PMs have stacked the deck with uber-leftist secularists and they are on a roll -- "we are woman hear us roar".

Will the courts recognize polygamy? Who knows? What we do know is that it won't be based on any grand or uplifting moral principle -- it will be based on nothing more than the subjective views of those who happen to inhabit the courts at the time.

If feminist power-politics prevails, the answer will probably be "no", even though there would be nothing stopping women from having multiple husbands.

If thinking rooted in sexual freedom prevails, or the fact that marriage is no longer viewed as a biological institution but one rooted in sexual preferences and politics, or the fact that polygamy might be useful in distancing the new Canada yet further from the bad-old judeo-christian one, as well as a way of accommodating (or appeasing) certain multicultural groups, the answer may be "yes".

Who knows?

And, if and when it happens, Canada may be so far gone that the question on many peoples' lips will be

"Who cares?"

After all, if a young girl can have two mothers as parents, why not two mothers and a dad?

And, if she can have two mothers and a dad, why not two mothers and a dad who are married?

& & &

Canada needs to return to its judeo-christian roots. If it doesn't it is finished as a free nation under God. It will one day find itself under an oppression much harsher than the soft Christian moral constraints it has so gleefully cast off.

Yes, God loves Canada. But, He is still God.

And he has solemnly declared that nations reap what they sow. A nation cannot reject the light of Christianity and expect to do so without consequences. The individuals who inhabit the Supreme Court and the Appeals Courts may feel that they can mock God's laws safely in the cocoon of secular ideology. But, the Scripture says that God is not mocked. The judges may believe that they are sovereign and secure, but one day they will stand before the Judge of the universe, and He will demand to know on what grounds they overturned his institution of marriage, why they made a mockery of His commandment, "you shall honr your FATHER AND your MOTHER and, why, in the name of tolerance, they insisted that Canada's schools teach its children the defiling knowledge of sodomy. The Scripture says, concerning those who cause offense to these little ones, that it would be better for them that a millstone were hung around their necks and they were cast into the sea.

The book of Revelation begins with a message about the One who loved us and washed us in his blood. But it also speaks of the wrath and fury of God against the wicked and the impenitent.

Canada needs to turn to God. It needs to do it NOW. A nation reaches a point where it has gone too far, its social structures and collective mind so reprobate that it becomes beyond God's redemptive call and ripe for judgment.

I'm not saying we're there (who knows?!), but I'm saying it's the direction in which we're headed.

May God save Canada, and strengthen and equip every little Christian who seeks, in his or her own imperfect way, to be salt and light in the midst of an increasingly wicked and perverse generation.

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itsboopchile said...

This is what may be in store for the USA, too. It is my constant prayer for repentance of our countries.
If people tell God He isn't Boss anymore, He won't be.
Are we to be shouting it on the housetops?? Lord, call us back.

Betty G

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"