Sunday, June 24, 2007

I'll Pay Not to have to Watch It

Once again I am reminded of why I would pay not to watch the CBC. (Which is just about the case -- I am forced against my will as a Canadian taxpayer to pay for this wretched thing, but, thankfully, there is no law that forces me to actually watch it.)

I logged on to the CBC website to see if I could catch some breaking news about the Anglican Church of Canada's slugfest in Winnipeg, where they are meeting to decide how unfaithful they want to be. I figured the CBC would be first to trumpet any "positive" news about same-sex blessings.

What I saw instead was so incredibly staggering I thought (as I did when I first saw the ad for Little Mosque on the Prairies) that I'd somehow wandered onto a CBC parody site.

But, no. Once again, this was the CBC website. This was, regrettably, real.

What I saw staggered the imagination. A picture of a nude (from the chest up) David Suzuki, holding up the Earth, beside a cheery headline, "Welcome to Our New Look!" Do they really think that environmentalist David Suzuki carries the Earth on his shoulders, or that he somehow "has the whole world in his hands? Is He now to be equated with Jesus, or God?

That someone would conceive of this photo, that David Suzuki (who one can only assume has breathed in one too many cannisters of C02 and is now delusional) would agree to it, and that the CBC would actually take the time and effort to produce and publish it on their website, simply staggers the mind.

More and more I feel like I'm living in some alternate universe where common sense and balance have been suspended and replaced with environdementalist nutcrackers.

Please don't go to the site. The image you see there will quickly burn into your eyeballs and you'll want to go rinse them out.

OK, go if you must. But you've been forewarned. It's at

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


itsboopchile said...

No desire to see it, or any other of the kooks out there with their new ideas.
Even Atlas only was showing how strong he was, not that the world was held by him as God.

Betty G

Anonymous said...

I couldn't freekin believe what I saw. Utterly unbelievable.

I bet some people think it's the best thing the CBC ever came up with. Now that's scary.

Only Don Cherry would have been more comical. ROFL.

Anonymous said...

Well...we have hinted that they worship Suzuki, now we have the graphics to proove it!
I wonder how many of his 'followers' think they is no god, but they 'idolize' him?

RkBall said...

The latest is a billboard of Dr. Suzuki holding a C02-friendly lightbulb, with the lightbulb blazing.

Dr. Suzuki is now also "the light of the world"!

Jeff Cosford said...

I have noticed of late more and more individuals vying to replace our father.

Tom Cruise had scientology announce he is the new messiah and of course Al Gore now we have the Suzuki. Astonishing.

I suspect there will be ramifications.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"