Monday, February 11, 2008

The end of a love affair

My love affair with Canada's National Post is over.

It began the morning it hit the streets -- Conrad Black's newest creation contained an astonishing array of brilliant articles. Mark Steyn. Barbara Kay. Christie Blatchford.

Over the years Steyn went. Blatchford went.

At some point the paper was sold to the Liberal Aspers.

In past years I've noticed a leftward drift in this paper that many people still view as rabidly right-wing.

They came out in favour of same-sex marriage. And yet they are still considered right-wing in Canada!

More recently, they are in the habit of using the amoral term "sex-worker" for prostitute. Like it or not, human sexuality has a moral dimension. It is not helpful to ignore this. And yet they are still considered a right-wing paper!

The nail in the coffin was Saturday's Sex and Love Issue. Every section, including the Financial Post, was saturated with coverage of so-called Love and Sex. But it wasn't about Love. Love is caring for a failing-health spouse in his or her final years. Love is sacrifice. Love is sticking with a partner when things gets sticky. It was about Sex. Loveless Sex. They carried articles on Swinging and Couples having sex with other couples. Another article was aboutPornography.

I skimmed over the headlines, read none of the contents, and said, "goodbye National Post".

The Love is gone.

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itsboopchile said...

I liked what you said about love being sticking when your spouse when health is gone.
We have been through that over and over, and now we are hearing from children and friends what an inspiration we are to them. How they have watched us and are encouraged by our love for each other.
I am the one needing help. Dean is fine and handsome as ever!!
Betty G

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