Sunday, February 03, 2008

Return Roadtrip!™ Day Six: Ontari-ari-ario!

Auburn, Indiana - Toronto, Ontario

A nice breakfast at the superb LaQuinta in Auburn Indiana, and then on our way by 8:30 am.

Running low on gas again, so I pulled off the interstate and headed into Olivet, Michigan. A nice little town with no pay-at-the-pump so I had to actually go inside and pay for the gas and talk to the friendly attendant, who was likely the owner. Then across to the local cafe for a take-out coffee. The owner was on duty, reading the paper and listening to Johnny Cash. He said he likes to listen to the oldies on Sunday mornings.

It was a pleasant experience. I'm going to try to get off the Interstate and into a little town at least once each day on future journeys. We miss so much whizzing by on the Interstate.

Arrived in Port Huron for a final Bob Evans biscuits-and-gravy (no, boopchile, no catfish this trip!) and then crossed into Ontario. Homeward bound! I try to get the Garmin to show miles in kilometers so that the Garmin matches the road signage. Finally figured it out, and while I was at it changed from the voice of American Jill to British Guy and then finally decided to stay with American Jack. I'm pretty sure that American Jill was getting annoyed with me anyway. Did I detect a bit of an edge in her voice when she kept repeating, "Recalculating! Recalculating!"?!

I don't really like driving on Ontario's 400 series of highways. The posted speeds are two low, and the drivers do not drive in a flow; they are erratic, in-and-out. I don't like it. There were one or two harrowing moments. One guy made such a sharp lane change I thought he had lost control of his vehicle and was heading for the shoulder and beyond. Nope. He was just speeding and passing on the right and he just kept on going.

Arrived in Toronto at our condo at 5:05 pm. Journey's end! Robbie was very pleased to be "home", as we all are.

During the drive, we've been listening to Lee Strobel's The Case for the Real Jesus. He's got those Bill-Murray-Chicago-style flat vowels. How come Chicago has fat pizzas and flat vowels, has anyone ever pondered that?! I'm paying special attention to everything he says because of my upcoming teaching assignment in Zambia. More on that later.

Approximate distance travelled: 700 km.

Total distance: around 3800 km

Eight states and a province.

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itsboopchile said...

Sorry you missed the catfish. You could have eaten some for me!!
But you did have a great trip to be in such a hurry. Glad all went well.
Glad you thanked God and not the other traffic!!
Betty G

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"