Sunday, January 03, 2010

Joe Agnost's Best Friend

Stomp your feet, clap your hands, and repeat: "if it's cold, it's just weather, if it's cold, it's just weather..."

Save the planet now -- five years and counting down!

Brand deniers mentally ill!

Throw them in jail!

Engage in acts of civil disobedience!

... Reporting from this over-heated, cooked, on-fire, planet...

My prediction: once the data is gathered, massaged, up-adjusted, and, er, cooked, 2009 will go on record as the hottest year, ever!!!!!!!!!!

Al Gore, Joe Agnost -- I'm with you -- we're the last, true-blue (icy blue) climate believers! We'll go on believing in global warming until the last one of us is encased in ice.

photo h/t Climate Depot.


Powell lucas said...

I should sue Gore and Suzuki and all the other 'believers' for alienation of affections. After living through a long drawn out winter of 2008-09, a wretchedly cold summer of 2009, and now a winter with bone chilling cold that appears as if it will go on forever, my heart is broken. Here I was, ready to embrace, these proselytizers of the 'proven science' of global warming. I was willing to abandon my role as 'denier' and shed my skepticism if only these learned gentlemen would throw some warm weather my way. Alas, like the bride left in the lurch, I can only conclude that these scions of the truth were only trifling with my heart. Shame! Shame!

RkBall said...

The Ball Bounces welcomes Powell lucas, jilted bride. Did you know that Al Gore invites all of us true believers on his houseboat? It's true! But, to save energy, we all have to paddle with our hands. It gets tiring, but, if it saves the planet, it's worth it. Kind of like a slave-ship scene out of Ben Hur, only without the oars.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"