Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game Day

It's game seven at the Jobing.com Arena, and the Ball Bounces has a ticket 20 rows up!

How, you ask, does my usual game day go?

Thank you for asking.

After a nutritious breakfast, I will load up on spaghetti -- carbs, etc. I may have a COSTCO hot-dog around 4 pm, or just finish off left-over fajitas from Julio's. I'll be sensibly wearing long pants and a toque as I head to the rink in 90 degree temperatures. Game time is 6 pm. I'll leave around 4:30 to make the trek across town -- Phoenix is one spread-out city, dude!

Right now, I'm psyching myself up, getting mentally prepared for the contest, stretching exercises, etc. May take a swim in the pool to loosen up.

Hockey in the desert!

I'll be hoping mightily that the Coyotes win, and, more than that, that they score a power-play goal so that the Ball Bounces scores a free Oggi's pizza sticks.

And that's the way the game-day Ball bounces.

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