Thursday, August 18, 2011

Canada Post: Where's Jack Bauer When You Need Him?

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Not getting your mail? Have you tried counting your steps? Three? Dang-er-ous!

William Watson got mail: “We recently noted that the stairs of your home have three steps, and that there is no railing to assist in climbing them without risk, as Canada Post standards stipulate.”

Jack Bauer could handle those stairs in a single bound, dead.
The notice went on to explain that I... will have to pay for the privilege of not having my mail delivered. Judging by the cost of having our mail held back over our summer holiday the fee would be about $15 a week. Just to be clear: I will be paying Canada Post for not delivering my mail. If I decline to pay, the notice makes clear, all my mail will be returned to sender.
Remember: Big Union's goal is to get paid infinitely high wages for doing infinitesimally little work, with bankable sick days and full retirement after two weeks on the job. This is just one small step in the right direction!

* * *

I've been mail-slimming. Emailing/phoning businesses and organizations that send me mail asking them to put me on their emailing list and take me off their snail mail list.

How's your summer mail-slimming going?
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Anonymous said...

Try to imagine the anger and spite inside that postal worker who went back to his or her supevisor and told them about the house with 3 steps and no handrail. The CBC and Canada Post..its only a matter of time and they'll have no one to blame but themselves.

RkBall said...


I forgot to include the link to the article -- my bad.

It was the postie's supervisor who did "the walk" and discovered the risks.

Link fixed.

fernstalbert said...

I can solve this problem - eliminate the walking/complaining/over priced help and install neighbourhood super boxes. I accept your grateful thankyou - as I just saved Canada Post millions on that route. Cheers.

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