Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The London Riots and the Toronto Talk Show

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I overheard a Toronto talk-show yesterday talking about excusing the London riots. Between the host and his guest, there was not one word spoken to suggest that the rioters are personally responsible for their behaviour.

Not. One. Word.

They immediately jumped to the never-ending quest for "root causes". It can't be the rioter's fault; it must be ours.

Here's the Ball bounces short list of politically incorrect root causes that you will not hear discussed on a Canadian talk show any time soon.

* Children being born and raised out of wedlock.

* Youth being raised in an permissive environment where dropping out of school going on the dole, and living idle, layabout lives is not only a live option, it's a social right and entitlement. In other words, "socialism caused the riots"

* A school system that fails to inculcate a sense of personal responsibility

* A social milieu that expects and condones this kind of  behaviour (cf. the radio talk show)

The radio show ended with the guest suggesting that these kinds of riots could happen in Toronto.

Instead we should make it clear this kind of behaviour is not expected, never justified, and will not be tolerated.
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Anonymous said...

You hear the left talk a lot about "progressive values". The irony is that there is no progressive values. It is a valueless ideology.

dmorris said...

When I hear that phrase, "root cause",it just about makes me sick,as it signals the speaker has NO idea about a solution to the problem,and just wants to continue the endless dialogue.

Usually,the search for the "Root Cause" means a series of expensive commissions and studies by educated or politically well-connected people,with a handsomely bound report tabled at the end of a set time period.

Said reports are then shelved and forgotten,and nothing is ever done to address the problem until the next time something Newsworthy occurs.

Then, another expert will call for "a commission to determine the root cause", and the taxpayers will be on the hook for another costly charade presided over by a lucky friend of government.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"