Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Toronto's Pearson: Improvements. For Yoooooouuuu!

During my last pass-through Pearson, I accessed the free Wi-fi at Pearson (thank you, Pearson!), and was led to this:

OK, I'll bite. I chose McDonald's Restaurant.

The response?

I tried it again and got the same response.

Too many votes cast from your location? Is this even coherent?  Sheesh. Another well-meaning PR exercise down the drain.

I did appreciate the free Wi-fi, though.


Anonymous said...

If you've tried to walk from Terminal 1 at Toronto Pearson airport to Terminal 3 you might find room for improvement in signage.

Firstly, if you're a novice you have to know that "T3" on your boarding pass means "Terminal 3". A security guard looked a bit peeved at having to tell me that. Next you have to walk and ride a shuttle train a considerable distance but you don't know any of that before you start out. Once you pass through a set of doorways with a big sign overtop that says "Terminal 3" you almost expect to be there.

Now you walk down a long corridor that leads to what looks like a car park & realize that you have to go back because you're not getting to where you want to go. You naturally assume that if you have to make any turns that you'll see a visible sign in front of you. Not something to the left down a hallway.

Anyway, that's what happened, but I did get to the departure lounge on time. Oh, Yes, and the second security guard insisting to see everybody's boarding pass getting off the shuttle train at Terminal 3 had to call someone else over to direct me to the correct departure lounge.

RkBall said...

I had a similar problem with T1-T3. I knew it was some distance and thought the shuttle was great, but when I arrived at T1 the signage to get to departures was just not "there", and I had to seek some help. A bread crumb trail would help!

Emily said...

I just wanted to send out an apology on behalf of Toronto Pearson. We’re sorry you’ve received an error while trying to vote. We have since corrected the problem, and encourage you to drop by our Facebook page or website to cast your vote again. Thanks so much!

RkBall said...

Hi Emily,

Thank you!

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