Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11*10: Remembering Todd Beamer

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9/11*10: Remembering Todd Beamer.

A Christian presence that made a difference.

C'mon, guys.

Let's Roll.
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P@J said...

not as much a difference as the presence of another Ambrahamic cult...

Let's not forget 9/11 was caused by religion.

Joe said...

I'm not sure how to put this delicately P@J but your ignorance is showing. Despite Islam's claim it is not Abrahamic in any real sense. It is a mishmash of Arabic pantheism mixed with a touch of the historic ancestry of Israel.

However the real killers is not religion it is human nature and good religions act as a counter weights to the otherwise human tendency towards wholesale slaughter of other human beingss. Whenever the counterweight is removed as happened in the secular humanist Soviet Russia, Nazi Germany, Maoist China etc etc etc the slaughter increased exponentially.

Islam's problem is that in its core writings it encourages the slaughter of 'others' in order to achieve its end goals. The point of all of this should be obvious to anyone who is able to look at the situation with clear vision. Humanity is a fallen creation. Humanity in its very nature is bent toward evil and that evil is shown in the killing of other human beings. The urge to kill other humans is what is called EVIL. Human philosophies that encourage the killing of others are also EVIL. Secular Humanism and its twin brother Islam fit nicely into that category.

RkBall said...

Joe -- thoughtful response to P@Js post.

RkBall said...

Without a creator, i.e., in an uncreated universe, moral/immoral, actual right/wrong are incoherent concepts. At best, they are nothing more than human inventions, i.e., fictions.

The wielding of the sword of good and evil by an atheist in the name of slaying belief in God or discrediting all religion is always, at bottom, an act of incoherence.

Sean M said...

Very well said Joe. For some people in this world ignorance and narcissism is their religion of choice. I've always been amazed at the selflessness and bravery of the people on Flight 93. It's one of the real life stories of Sept 11th that I find difficult to hear. A real life good versus evil story that makes me feel both admiration and love for the bravery and sacrifice of the innocent passengers of flight 93, and anger and frustration at such a senseless act of evil perpetrated by radicalized indoctrinated men of hate and profound, callous stupidity.

RkBall said...

Sean M. Thank you for your thoughtful comments.

Joe -- that's two thumbs up!

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"