Friday, September 16, 2011

Tyndale University's "Scheduling Conflict" Bad Hair Day

Toronto's Tyndale University snags a world figure -- George W. Bush -- for what was to be the first in a series of prominent speakers who would raise Tyndale's public profile and raise funds for the self-financed institution. Quite a coup! Then the coup came undone due to a coup "scheduling conflict".

sat. on/ Scheduling conflict? Don't the respective parties have appointment calendars? I mean, I've got a car appointment scheduled for next Wednesday at 10 am, and there it is, right in my calendar, colour-coded green. Does this mean George W. Bush, former leader of the free world, cannot afford calendar software??!!  If so, this means things are much worse in the US than people are letting on!! /sat. off

Michael Coren called Tyndale to get to the bottom of it all and Michael Coren is not a happy man. "It sounds like she might not be telling [me] the truth".

Indeed. (Of course, the Canadian financier organizing the event on Tyndale's behalf may have realized the way the (leftist) four strong winds were blowing, and decided to call it off -- he may have passed on to Tyndale a gentle "scheduling conflict" excuse, in which case,  all they can do is pass on the excuse they were given.

Ten-minute Michael Coren video well-worth watching.

PS: Pastor Joe Boot of Westminster Chapel is my newest hero for telling it like it is. I also liked the Tyndale English prof, but he was in an impossible position.

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