Friday, September 16, 2011

"Tyndale Is Hosting A War Criminal" -- The Poster

"Tyndale Is Hosting A War Criminal". Well, there you have it. That's that then.

In addition to being a War Criminal, Bush is referred to as the author of policies which resulted in the "murder of thousands". The last time I checked, soldiers were not murderers. Perhaps they are thinking of revenge killings done by the Afghanistan and Iraqi authorities on their citizens? Perhaps they meant deaths rather than murders? But, no, they are critical thinkers, so it can't be sloppy writing.

And what's with this war criminal charge? Was the President ever tried, even in a pseudo-leftist court and convicted? Or is this just more hot rhetoric on the part of the critical thinkers at Tyndale?

I am an alumnus of Tyndale. It used to be conservative. It is conservative no more.

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Mark Winn said...

Didn't Columbia University host Mahmoud Ahmadinejad?

Was this event openly protested by the left?

This seems to be more of the left's mentality that free speech is only acceptable if they agree with your point of view, otherwise you are a monster and need to be silenced.

RkBall said...

Good point. But, M.A. was not invited as part of a fund-raising initiative, which is at least part of the objection.

Presumably Canadian soldiers are not welcome at Tyndale.

Anon1152 said...

"The last time I checked, soldiers were not murderers. "

I can only assume that you have *our* soldiers in mind. The enemy soldiers are murderers by definition, no?

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