Wednesday, September 28, 2011

BC Ferries

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"In his eight years at the helm of the [BC] ferry corporation, David Hahn has overseen a meteoric rise in ferry fares coupled with a devastating plunge in ridership and revenue."

Sounds about right. I'm guessing the ferry corporation is unionized. Expect less for more (hello, TTC) in the years ahead as western economies retrench and government/big unions are among the last holdouts against reality.

If things get really bad, expect civil unrest. All those de-moralized socialized hordes relying on government-provided entitlements have no intention of cutting back or being the ones to pay for government over-spending excesses. That puts the entire weight of responsibility on the rest of us.
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Frances said...

The ferries have been overpaid for many years. I remember the revelation that a pie cutter in the kitchen made a phenominal amount per hour, and that was quite some time ago.

dmorris said...

I'd love to find out what's behind Hahn's resignation. According to a TV report I saw the other night,he isn't going to get the usual golden handshake,so my "hidden agenda" radar is on full alert.

B.C. Ferries was set up by W.A.C. Bennett to serve the people of B.C as part of their highways system,not necessarily to be a profit-making venture.

When I first travelled on the BCF's,1966,the cost was low,$5 for a car and driver Horseshoe Bay to Nanaimo,the service,including the dining room ,was first rate.

Since then, governments have made many improvements,and the service has deteriorated, and the cost of riding has skyrocketed.

Some improvement.

Anonymous said...

They've renovated the ferries and terminal facilities every few years. They even have "free" wifi and a spa on board! Totally and utterly incompetent ass hat.

digitam said...

Even though ferry travel charges you more but still i remember when i was making dover calais, trip its an awesome experience and lot of benefits that i got too than the charges.

RkBall said...

I love a car ferry ride. We still take a short hop from NY state to Vermont when we get the chance. We used to take the PEI - NB ferry; the fixed link nixed that. For PEI, I prefer the bridge because it is much faster and there's no waiting.

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