Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Liberals: If they don't get their way, they leave their country

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Like the whiny kid who was always on the verge of taking his baseball mitt and leaving the game, liberals are always threatening to leave their country if they don't get their way. American celebrities did it when George Bush was running for re-election. (Don't think many actually left.) Now Justin Trudeau -- the gift that keeps on giving -- has said that if Canada doesn't support his values, he would be in favor of taking Quebec out of Canada.

Liberals -- when they get their way, they demand that the rest of us fall in line; when they don't, they threaten to leave.

So, grow up or leave already.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.


Anonymous said...

The Liberal party is not a national party any more. His comments outside of Montreal and perhaps a few people in Toronto can only be viewed as repugnant or insulting.

The man is an idiot.

JohnR said...

Professor Cooper nails it:

"Politics is not about personal feelings," said Cooper. "It's about the ethics of responsibility. He was elected as a member of Parliament from a particular constituency. He was not elected in his own right because he has these sensitive feelings about various things. Whether he likes it or not, he's supposed to be a responsible political leader, and he's clearly incapable of understanding what his job is."

Anonymous said...

We were fortunate that all those Hollyweird actors, like Alec Baldwin, didn't have the guts to follow through on their threats to move to Canada if GWB won re-election. Now if only Justin Trudeau would follow through on his threat, this country would truly be Nirvanna.

Anon1152 said...

Anon@11:56: The liberal party hasn't been a national party since 1997, when they achieved a majority government with 101 seats from Ontario and 26 from Quebec, plus a handful of other seats spread around the other jurisdictions, forming a majority government with only 38.4% of the popular vote.

Of course, the single-member-district/first-past-the-post system distorts the democratic process. We should be embarrassed that one party can control the entire country with less than 40% of the popular vote.

Anon1152 said...

JohnR: I'm not familiar with Professor John Cooper. But the quote you have here sounds more like wishful thinking. "Politics is not about personal feelings"? I wish that was the case. It would be nice if politicians appealed less to the "personal feelings" of their constituents, and of themselves. Well... the feelings of persons are relevant... I just wish they'd appeal to personal feelings in a different way.

Your Cooper quote sums up a noble aspiration... not the reality of parliament today. Though I find it interesting that you claim that Trudeau is "supposed to be a responsible political leader." The vast majority of MPs are not leaders. Even members of the Government (backbenchers). And even many (or most?) cabinet ministers.

Anon1152 said...

Powell Lucas wrote: "We were fortunate that all those Hollyweird actors, like Alec Baldwin, didn't have the guts to follow through on their threats to move to Canada if GWB won re-election."

-- As weird as Baldwin (or Hollywood/weird) may be... would we be lucky if they came here and paid taxes?

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