Friday, February 10, 2012

Roadtrip!™ Day Four: Oklahoma City to Albuquerque

Day Four.
Oklahoma City - Albuquerque.
We get onto I-40 in Oklahoma City and Garmin says something like, “In 600 miles turn left”, so you know you’re going to be heading west on I-40, the Route 66 overlay, for some time. 

We stop at El Reno OK to check out the pet-friendly Best Western. There’s a swarm of red-clad Halliburton employees milling around the dining room and the check-out. No wonder the BW was full last night! There’s a diner in El Reno -- Sid's -- we want to try. Maybe next time. 

Out of Oklahoma and into Texas. 
The Big Texan, which was made famous by offeri...
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We make the Big Texan in Amarillo around  noon. We order the 9 oz rib-eye lunch-specials. Had to wait over half an hour, but the wa
it was worth it. Three words: de lic ious. I see a half-order of fried mushrooms on the menu for nine dollars and a full order for 12. This intrigues me. Usually a side order of fried mushrooms runs you around four dollars. On the way we'll order the plate of mushrooms and a decent-sized steak for sharing. I want to find out what 12 dollars of fried mushrooms gets you.
Back in the car and on through Texas and into New Me
xico. This is where the scenery begins to get really interesting. We drive on to Albuquerque and the Albuquerque Drewry Inn. Kick-back time in their expansive eating area. Macaroni, mmmm! 
And the morning and the evening was the fourth day.

Tomorrow: The Turquoise Room and arrival in Phoenix.

Inside the Big Texas Steakhouse.
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