Saturday, February 11, 2012

Roadtrip!™ Day Five: Albuquerque - Phoenix

English: La Posada Hotel, Winslow.
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The "Take It Easy" statue and mural ...
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Old Theater, Winslow AZ
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Day Five.
Albuquerque - Phoenix.
We get on the road by 6:20 am. so we can make the Turquoise Room in Winslow, AZ for breakfast. A stop for gas and another stop for a fortifying Egg McMuffin. Great scenery along the way. 
We roll into the historic La Posada Hotel and the Turquoise Room at 10:50 am. I inform the host “two for breakfast”. He says, “actually, we’ve just switched over to lunch”. I inform him no, it’s not 11 o’clock yet, and we’ve driven from Albuquerque for breakfast. I tell him we want the Arizona Green Chile Eggs and the Corn Maiden and he goes to check with the kitchen and put the order in.
It was fabulous. 
The orange juice and coffee are also superb.
Now it’s noon and time for the victory lap down into Phoenix. We take the back road as I don’t like the hair-raising 75 mph drive down the mountain from Flagstaff. It’s 5 degrees C. when we leave Winslow and 20 degrees C. when we arrive in the valley. We pass the Winslow correctional institute on the way out of town. All the buildings are battleship grey, just to rub it in. "OK, we know we’re incarcerated, but do you have to paint the walls grey?!"
Phoenix. We park in our condo complex, and "the boys" (our two dogs) know immediately they are home. Reggie knows to turn to the left when we get off the elevator and Brady just follows along. The condo is in great shape. Let’s see, the mountains, the golf course, the pools, yep, all still there.
It’s great to be in Phoenix!
And the morning and the evening were the fifth day.
Hope you enjoyed to ride.


Anonymous said...

I did we are looking forward to doing the same with our little mutt.
Perhaps next winter.
Thanks for sharing.

Bing said...

This is my 3rd month here. One more to go. I usually drive south from I-40 from Holbrooke through Payson on good roads except the first few miles. Hwy 87, called the B line highway is a good road. It comes down to become Country Club in Mesa. You can go west if you wish along Shea Blvd or McDowell or the 202.

We welcome you with some spectacular weather although it is expected to cool down a bit for the coming week.

RkBall said...

Hi Bing, we did the Payson route once heading home to Canada and stopped for pancakes in Holbrooke. But, Turquoise Room Arizona Green Chile Eggs beckon!

If you haven't tried the Turquoise Room, you really must. Plus, you get to stand on a corner in Winslow, Arizona!

Arizona Green Chile Eggs:

Creamy polenta in a pool of green chile, tomatillo sauce topped with two eggs, covered in melted jalapeno jack cheese and garnished with roasted corn salsa and diced fresh tomatoes, black beans and served with warm corn tortillas $10.50

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