Monday, August 20, 2012

Does Leaving Raw Bacon Around = Hate Crime?

"NYPD Probing Hate Crime After Bacon Found At Staten Island Ramadan Site"

Leaving raw bacon lying around is considered a hate crime -- by the same people (leftists) who defend flag-burning as "freedom of speech".

Don't get me wrong. I think it was a dumb thing to do. Unkind, etc. But the social rules that govern the left are hard to fathom. One action gets defended; a similar act gets condemned. If the bacon had been left at a police rally (as in "pigs"), would it be considered a hate crime, or protected speech? Presumably the mistake the perps made was leaving it raw. If they had burned the bacon they would have been OK, right?
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Frances said...

And what about walking a dog near the El Qids rally?

RkBall said...

Frances -- another good insight, as usual!

john said...

ut - but - but I thought it was TURKEY bacon!

Oh! By the way, SDC?
You're still an idiot.

Anon1152 said...

I think a lot depends on the intention behind the bacon. Spreading something offensive to a particular group around an area that they are going to use (with permission from the state, I assume) could plausibly be labelled a hate crime.

I think flag burning (if it was burning a flag meaningful to a particular group) under similar circumstances would be considered a hate crime too. For example, if Christians were about to use a public area (with permission) and someone put a bunch of flags with images of jesus around the area and set them on fire.

This would be an interesting hypothesis to test, I think. But I'm not sure I want to risk being charged with a hate crime.

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