Sunday, August 05, 2012

Mr. Smith Goes To Mosquington?

Chick-fil-A (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Mr. Smith Goes To Mosquington?

I haven't weighed in on the Adam Smith lasts a round against Chick-Fil-A story, because it just unfolded nicely by itself without any need for help or commentary from the Ball Bounces. But let me say this. Rachel of Tucson is my newest hero, and, third thing I do when I hit Phoenix is stop in at Chick-Fil-A and give them a try. There's one in our hood but In-N-Out Burger always beckoned.

Anyway, here's my idea.

Now that Mr. Smith has time on his hands, I suggest he make the rounds of militant mosques -- Muslims oppose homosexuality, don't they? He must hate them as much as he still hates Chick-Fil-A. I think if he makes the rounds of the Mosques and asks them "how can you live with yourself" and tells them they are full of hate and bigoted it would go over really well -- I think he'd get some really interesting YouTube-worthy videos.  I for one would like to see them.

Point is, he knew he was in absolutely no danger sticking it to Chick-Fil-A precisely because Chick-Fil-A is a Christian business with civilized American values. Plus, he knew he was doubly-safe because he picked on a girl safely behind a drive-through counter. Kathy Shaidle posted a YouTube video of a black guy who said if Mr. Smith had spoken to him that way, there would have been chicken flying! 

Visit the mosques, Mr. Smith; you've got the passion, and now, because of some strategic moves on your part, you've got the time.

And that's the way the Chick-Fil-A Ball Bounces.

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