Thursday, August 02, 2012

Toronto Media Comments Embargo Is Black On

1968 ad.
1968 ad. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"Police release wanted notices for gun-crime suspects ahead of Caribbean Carnival".

"Toronto police have released wanted notices for six accused gun criminals, saying they hope to “refresh” people’s memories as hundreds of thousands of revellers flock to the annual Caribbean Carnival this weekend." -- National Post

The accompanying picture is of four black youths. No comments allowed on the article. Hmm...

Questions for the media:

1. How many of these youths grew up with both a mother and a father in the home?
2. How many of these youths grew up in a family with negative views towards police and authority?
3. How many of these youths grew up under "social assistance"?
4. How many times did a parent or care-giver take them to public libraries on Saturday morning?
5. What was their religious upbringing and church attendance?
6. Was there a parent-imposed curfew on their activities growing up?

None of these questions are sure predictors by themselves. But I think they are relevant. Note none of them deal with outside forces, like, "How many millions of dollars were poured into our community to prevent us from becoming gun-toting thugs?". Maybe you can think of others. You could even reverse-engineer them. How come you didn't turn out to be a fugitive from justice wanted for gun crimes -- what factors were in play?

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