Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama The Outsourcer: Where's The Outrage?

A. The greatest military power in history, with troops permanently scattered around the world -- Japan, South Korea, -- and the US decides to outsource US security at the Benghazi consulate? Because, that's what happened -- they were relying on locally hired, sub-contracted security.

B. Then, for optics' sake, they decided to trim down security to create the politically expedient narrative that things were really coming along peachy in Libya.

C. Then, when the feathers hit the fan (and the mortars hit the compound), the Obama Admin went into deep "deny deny deny" mode. They lied to the American people characterizing it as a spontaneous reaction to a movie.

Only now is the truth dribbling out. Meanwhile, the media is more interested in Big Bird.

As Bob Dole once said, "where's the outrage"? An attack on US soil and the media's only interest is in creating a narrative that gets their tarnished messiah re-elected.

The world remains a bad, dangerous place. Meanwhile, America is asleep at the wheel with visions of Big Birds and food stamps and a President who really, really, cares dancing in their heads.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.
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