Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Four More Years of the Food Stamps Presidency

Over at the National Post Jonathan Kay suggests it's a dark day for American conservatism. I would say it's a dark day for America. 

America has rewarded a President who took debt levels to unheard of levels and food stamp recipients to record highs -- with promises of more of the same. Americans have chosen big government over personal responsibility and socialism over self-reliance. Once a people goes down this path, it's hard to reverse -- witness Greece. Socialism saps moral fibre and once that goes a nation no longer has what it takes to do what it takes to reverse decline -- they just run out the clock until they run out of future.

And that is the course America is now on.

The millions of Americans living on the edge of reduced incomes who had hoped for a self-reliant Republican-led recovery in America -- I'm thinking of several friends as I write this from Phoenix -- might just as well get used to it; there isn't going to be one. They might as well give up, give in, and get in line for the free phones and food stamps.

Of course, the giving up and giving in is what is evil and pernicious about socialism's allure -- it destroys one's moral fibre. That is how socialism wins -- one diminished, collapsed soul at a time.

And that's the way the Ball bounces.
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Anonymous said...

There is clearly delusions in Conservatives to think pursuing a policy of abortion, gay marriage matters to the public (Red Tory/I'm a fiscal liberal / 'Blue' liberal).

You know why Harper won our election, is PRECISELY avoiding those subjects even if the social conservative wing of the Conservative Party of Canada wants to discuss these issues.

I see no difference in the same problems Harper would face if they hijack the party.

RkBall said...

America, unlike Canada, is still a nation founded in Christian morality -- which elevates the natural rights of children to life and to be raised by their father and mother in a stable union called marriage. It would be absurd for Americans not to deal with these issues out in the open, rather than through the cheap, dishonest obfuscations of "controlling your body" and "marrying the one you love".

Anonymous said...

I am a rabid fiscal conservative and very much a libertarian in social matters. No one forces a woman to have an abortion and no one forces people to live their life with a same sex partner. It's a matter of their choice and their choice only. As long as it doesn't place any kind of burden on the taxpayer, I don't care. And don't preach to me about costs to the health care system, this system covers illnesses related to smoking, obesity, alcoholism, drug addiction,and a host of other lifestyle errors in judgement. In fact, I think universal health care should be abolished so those who make bad choices pay for their own mistakes. (I've been smoking for nearly sixty years and believe me when the big C catches up with me I won't be going into one of those death factories they call hospitals.)
This is what four more years of Obama foretells; more government regulation, more bureaucratic interference in citizen's lives, more nanny state handouts; all of which will lead to people to evade self-responsibility. Big government is an insidious disease that saps people's initiative and makes them more and more subservient to the dicataes of the state. The one thing I took away from the storms that hit the U.S. east coast-beyond the awesome destructive power of nature-was the number of people wandering around in a daze saying "where is the government help?" Obama is one of those people who will willing turn control of the nation over to a bureaucracy that creates nothing tangible, siphons off capital that could be better used in inovation and growth, and serves only to protect the jobs of those who leech off the industrious.
Mark November 12, 2012 on your calendar. You'll be able to tell your grandchildren that this is the day you watched a nation self-immolate.

Powell Lucas

Anonymous said...

@RkBall the nation might be, but the Urban / Rural divide shows otherwise. This divide grows more and more and sharper, Rural values, morals are so much different than Urban values.

It's not Red state/Blue province vs Blue state/Red province.

Let's also get one thing clear, Conservatism is for freedom to live, freedom to make a business, be successful. It is NOT founded by religious morality.

In fact, religious mortality should be totally isolated from Conservatism thought. the state/provincial, federal governments imposing laws on people goes against government invading people's lives.

I'm not saying that people can't talk about moral issues, but forcing those issues on people is not Conservative as is Democrats (US: Liberals) forcing Unionism and more (big) government spending programs on people.

SMALL government means less intervention by the state, that goes for moral religious issues too.

Anon1152 said...

"I would say it's a dark day for America. "
--Cheer up. It's note so bad.

"America has rewarded a President who took debt levels to unheard of levels and food stamp recipients to record highs"
--Breaking the record level set by George W Bush. Though as a % of GDP the numbers might look better.

"Americans have chosen big government over personal responsibility and socialism over self-reliance. "
--How do you define socialism? I'm serious. Because the link I placed above argues that Obama is really a moderate republican, or what a moderate republican would have looked like a few years ago. The argument is somewhat convincing. (Well. To me...).

RkBall said...

Hi Anon1152.

Obama may or may not be a socialist -- I believe he is -- but the disposition of the American people in voting for a government that promises handouts and makes no serious effort whatsoever to reign in government spending (beyond, "let's raise taxes on the rich") is a vote for socialism.

Under Obama not only do we have record food stamp receipients but also record numbers of persons leaving government employ to take disability retirements. This is socialistic in impulse, and these are the impulses this government is encouraging.

Not so bad, eh? When you factor in unfunded gov't obligations for social security and federal and state pensions, each American family's share is $700,000. Let's assume some American families aren't going to be in a position to pay this. This means, that for functional, income producing families, their share of US debt and unfunded obligations is 1,000,000 per family.

RkBall said...

"--Breaking the record level set by George W Bush. Though as a % of GDP the numbers might look better."

During Obama's Presidency, the national debt has increased from 10 trillion to 16. That's 60% in four years. $17,000 for every man, woman and child in the USA. Given that a good proportion of Americans are children, and 47% of adults do not pay income tax, that means an increase in debt of maybe $50,000 per income-tax paying person.

Do you think if Obama had sent each American a "bill" for this new debt, he would have been re-elected?

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"