Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Left Responds to Applebee's on Obamacare

An Applebee's franchisee indicates he may lay off workers as a result of the financial impact of Obamacare.

The left's reaction to the potential harm to Applebee's franchise employees?

Boycott this Applebee's. Applebee's Franchisee, Says He Won't Hire Because Of Obamacare (VIDEO) via @HuffPostSmBiz— Linda Bruce (@lindakaybruce) November 10, 2012
Yeah, that should help -- fire them all!

But, why stop there?
Applebee’s CEO Threatens To Fire Employees (Obamacare) | 2 Can Play this game LOSER! Calling 4 National #BOYCOTT— Sean Bond (@iam_seanbond) November 09, 2012 
Even better, fire them all!!!

Correct me if I am wrong, but didn't Obama grant exemptions to his "friends"? Why would anyone want/need an exemption if it doesn't have real economic impacts? Hmmm.  And why didn't the Left denounce those who were demanding opt-outs??!! Double hmmm.

And that's the way the non-franchised, non-unionized, non-Obamaized Ball bounces.

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fernstalbert said...

A business is not a charity organization. Whether the business is small, medium or large the bottom line to shareholders and owners will determine how that business will continue. The only "business" that never changes its spending model is government. Welcome to the world of ever increasing lineups both for service in restaurants and government agencies. Cheers.

Jen said...

Those people who call for boycott have no idea the cost per person (employee)in terms of healthcare and salary.

Anon1152 said...

I'm not sure that a couple of tweets represents "the left". But whatever.

I agree that a boycott under these circumstances is problematic.

One thing that struck me from the link to the Huffington Post article (included in your post) was this:

"we think it will cost us 50 cents a sandwich. That's just the actual cost," Liautaud said.

50 cents?

That doesn't sound like a lot. I'm sure the public (and the employees, and the company) can absorb it.

I'm surprised the number is that high.

Papa John's Pizza claimed that the price per pizza would rize 11-14 cents, and the cost per order would rise up to 20 cents per order.’s-price-increase-pizza-imminent-ceo-john-schnatter-blames-obamacare-742388

john said...

---"That doesn't sound like a lot. I'm sure the public (and the employees, and the company) can absorb it.

I'm surprised the number is that high."
It doesn't matter what you think. It matters what the man who owns the business thinks.

He is the one who must compete with Denny's, Smitty's IHOP, ect ect.

---"I'm sure the public (and the employees, and the company) can absorb it".

Well! I guess that settles it! When a government program is rammed down your throat, the answer is... Shut up & absorb it!

RkBall said...

John. You've raised a good point. If Obamacare was truly the "law of the land" and all employers had to pay it for all employees, there would at least be a level playing field. But, because of the way it is drafted, it encourages people to fly below the radar. Just like in Canada, where Employment Insurance laws tilt employers in favor of hiring casual part-time and/or contract employees.

Plus, I'm still thinking about all those exemptions the Obama admin. granted. Seems like "equal treatment for all", but some are getting more equal treatment than others. When the admin. has the power to grant an exemption to one and deny it to another, we are looking at the acquisition of some pretty arbitrary powers -- which has been the hallmark to the Obama admin. IMO -- arbitrary exercise of arbitrary power.

Thucydides said...

The great thing is these Progressives never consider the consequences of their actions.

So if they were to drive Applebee's out of business then thousands of people would be out of work. Thousands more would be at risk since one of their company's customers (Applebee's) is no longer there to order from them, and all the way down.

The only way to deal with these people is to boycott them; go Galt and minimize your tax exposure, stop taking on extra work, doing overtime or making any economic contributions beyond what you need to survive. AS tax revenues dry up there will be less and less loot and Progressives will begin fighting each other for the shrinking slice of the pie. It will be glorious to watch.

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