Sunday, May 18, 2014

Climate Change and the "Hopelessly Flawed Computer Models"

Global mean surface temperature difference fro...
Global mean surface temperature difference from the average for 1880–2009 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
By Christopher Booker 5:30PM BST 17 May 2014 The Telegraph
But the fact is that it has long been obvious to any dispassionate observer that, as global temperatures have so dismally failed to rise as they predicted, those computer models on which the whole theory rested were hopelessly flawed. Equally, it has long been clear, as we saw with “Climategate”, that the orthodox establishment will stop at nothing to protect its deluded belief system from criticism. 
Meanwhile, the climate science cabal is doubling-down on their best-case worst-case predictions. One can only hope their projections are discredited before they manage to ruin Western economies and consign a generation of developing nations to continued poverty.
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