Sunday, May 25, 2014

The Hockey Stick: NYT Extreme Weather Edition™

Michael Mann's not the only guy getting in on the hockey stick action. Here's one from the New York Times:

Here it is: independent confirmation that climate change is real, the planet is heating up, extreme weather events are the new norm, cannibalism is just moments away, and we better run for our lives!
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Anonymous said...

I had some punk try to label me one of those deniers because I dared to question the 97% of scientists agreeing with the AGW crisis .
First off, this yahoo shows me their FACTS
with links to WiKi-pedia which is based on people pasting their input with a support link and source.
After my brief lesson for Astronomy and Earth's existence and life's existence from the sun, i cold not believe that they tried to tell me that " The Sun has no effect for the climate and weather on earth".
WOW, nice Public School system we have.
I dared them to list just 1 name of a Scientist that fully agreed with the AGW and that the global warming is 100% mans fault.
They would not do it and risk being sued
because the IPCC and NASA has NEVER confirmed Global Warming as a crisis caused by humans.
For almost 2 years back in the 1980's I did DATA charts by hand and the Chart Paper had Grid Patterns based on a Starting Point and a growth % where it compresses as it goes up.
Al Gore chose a small window of time for Earth's climate, then he used a GRID scale that would make any minor increase look like a spike in change as if it was a huge upward move.
Gore's graph was a ruse to use small amounts per GRID line and thus make a .05 move appear like the Alps.
NASA's own stance on climate change is that it puts forth the Earth's orbit and 23.5 degree tilt off its axis as giving us the weather and climate found in the 400'000 years Ice-Core records that also varies in the CO2 levels.
NASA lists "Water-Vapour" (Clouds) as the most abundant Greenhouse gas among others, plus the CO2 from massive volcanoes pre-industrial age .
Oddly though, a Global warming CO2 chart showing a rise around 1999 and a steady growth seems to match the Global-Cooling and brutal winters.

From the first time I saw the Climate Chart and the GRID scale , I suspected a serious error or outright fraud.
I noticed that the snowfall was reported in cm to make it seem smaller, but during the first rain we had it was reporter as 50mm and not 5 cm's.

The new scam is Climate Chaos
so that any weather can be blamed on AGW.

RkBall said...

If it's cold; it's weather. If it's hot; it's climate.

"... nothing intellectually compelling or challenging.. bald assertions coupled to superstition... woefully pathetic"