Saturday, April 19, 2008

Episcopal Pap

"It's not about having answers as much as it is about engaging a story. It is about your story and how your story connects to an ancient story of desert wanderers that, in time, came to see that humanity and this energy they called God mingled and existed through Christ and thus, exists in all of humanity."

"this energy called God"? Really? God is something less than a person, something less than what humans are? Star Wars was right, and the Bible is wrong?!

"mingled and existed through Christ". Mangled syntax. Hard to know what this is supposed to mean.

"and thus, exists in all of humanity". The Episcopal Church has gone Oprah. God exists in everyone. No need to be saved if God exists in all of us. Just recognize the divinity within.

Is this the message of the Bible?

It is not.

There is an urgency to the gospel message. We are lost. We are perishing. We must be saved. God has done something. He has offered Himself. He has given us Christ -- someone human like us -- as an object of faith to believe in. There is an imperative to the gospel. You must repent and believe in the lifesaver God has thrown out to you.

This urgent imperative is lost, all lost, in the pap that passes for Episcopal belief today.

The Episcopal Church does not need polite people that put getting along and being polite above all else. They need prophets who will tear a strip off of the faithless leaders that are leading this church into ruin.

God, please raise up prophets within and to the Episcopal Church, through Jesus Christ, Amen.

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