Friday, April 04, 2008

Expelled: The Movie

Vicki told me about this movie about a year ago. It will be out later this month. Go and see it! It's by Ben Stein and it's all about how the educational system of America has locked-in Evolution and locked-out consideration that the universe looks designed and may in fact be designed.

I went to the associated Blog. The venom was poisonous. People hate the idea of Intelligent Design. They mischaracterize it as an argument that says, "God did it". That's not what Intelligent Design does. It suggests that the evidence of the universe points to design. Period.

And, it does.

I responded to the venomous posters. I used a variation of C. S. Lewis's classic argument that says if our brains are uncreated and undesigned, and the universe purely materialistic, then we have no rational basis for trusting anything that comes out of them. Here's the way I put it to them:

"Interesting to listen to the mockers. They act as if [they think] their thoughts mean something. Yet, if they believe their brains are unplanned, undesigned and made of evolutionary junkyard parts, surely they would doubt the veracity of anything emanating from them — nothing more than mindless chemical drips, really. And yet they deify and idolize their own thinking!

Abstract thought.

Such a wonderful conundrum to those who believe in a closed-system, purely materialistic, mindless, unfeeling, and indifferent universe.

Mock on!"

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