Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quebec Shoots Itself In Its [Subsidized] French Foot

The wandering contributor "frappeur" has sent this in.

It's a story about the French-dominated government of Quebec doing its best to wipe out English in the province of Quebec (using tax subsidies provided by English-speaking Canadians to do so -- how these guys have any self-respect is beyond me).

In spite of laws forbidding it to do so, the Quebec government has apparently been (gasp) posting notices to businesses in the verboten English. Seems that North American businesses like to do business in English.

Surrounded by a sea of English-speaking people, I interpret "French Only" edicts as "you are not welcome here".

I would respect the Quebec government if they were at least consistent. Let's see them publish all of their North American tourist advertising and information IN FRENCH ONLY.

And that's the way the English-speaking Ball bounces.

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