Tuesday, April 08, 2008

I'm Such A Clever Boy

Still doin' my income taxes. I'm on the home stretch! I've calculated our combined taxes owing to the penny. Thanks to the miracle of income tax software, I can fiddle with the amounts. I've been adjusting the amount of charitable donations that I claim vs. my wife.

Initially, the total amount we owed ended in 28 cents. By clever manipulation of the charitable donations, and dogged persistence, I managed to reduce the total amount owing down to a 27 cents ending. I didn't stop there -- I kept on going. Got it to 26 cents. Then 25. Then, 24 -- until, finally, I got it down to a breath-taking 23 cents. I'm saving five cents!

I'm declaring complete and total victory over the nefarious Canada Revenue Agency!!!!!!!!

And that's the way the taxed-to-the-max Ball bounces.

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