Monday, July 07, 2008

Anti-Abstinence At Any Cost

A recent study has shown that the proportion of Ugandans infected with HIV plunged from 21% in 1991 to 6% in 2002 in response to an Abstinence crusade. But thanks to the good efforts of well-funded western international AIDS experts bent on promoting indiscriminate sex and subverting the moral message of abstinence and faithfulness, Uganda’s HIV rates have begun to rise again.

Well done! Our western aid dollars at work!

The same people who think it's a tragedy that western missionaries came and imposed their cultural values on Africa think nothing of coming and doing the same with their godless, secular agenda -- right down to hosting lavish western-sponsored homosexual-rights conferences, to the bewilderment of Africans who are more preoccupied with finding their next meal and figuring out how to pay for their child's life-saving medicine.

The West is at war with God's moral laws.

In Canada at a recent AIDS conference in Toronto, when the word "abstinence" was uttered, the audience of supposedly scientific and rational people booed lustily.

The West is at war with God.

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