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LOST: A Retrospective Review

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I don't watch shows when they are "on". I wait and buy the DVD set or Netflix them commercial-free and without having to wait a week or a summer to see the next episode. So only now, after the end of the CUPW moment of insanity, can I review Lost, having finally watched the grand and final episode via a disk.

TV series LOST in three easy stages:

1. It's all about characters who are physically lost, as in airplane-wrecked castaways on an uncharted island.

2. Aha. It's a bit mystical and deeper than that. It's not about being physically lost, it's about being spiritually lost. LOST is all about redemption! Hmm....

3. Year six -- it's not the castaways who are lost; it is the viewer. Hopelessly. Beyond recovery. Lost, lost, lost. "Abandon all hope ye who enter season six."

The plot from year six is taken from JAWS. Year six is all about (spoiler alert) the Island jumping over a huge, giant shark.

Now for a real spoiler alert:

LOST would have been a great series if it ended after season five, with the travellers reversing their plane crash and arriving safely in LA. It would have meant the entire series itself never happened -- something a person could spend the rest of their lives contemplating -- a truly unique moment in TV history.

And that's the way the once-in-a-lifetime Ball bounces.
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oxygentax said...

Let EZTV be your friend. This year, I had pretty much given up on House after the first couple of episodes, but after downloading all of them through the winter, I sat down and watched through the whole season in a couple days, and it was actually a pretty good year.

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