Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Tonialla G's 15 Minutes Of Fame

It's a shame when your 15 minutes of fame is infamy

While you're at it, check out that Darwinian human/snail bonding thing in the photo accompanying the article. Is it just me, or is there some flirting going on on the snail's part, if not the woman's??!! -- Snails and humans have shared ancestry; it's only natural that a bit of residual flirty sexual attraction be present. This photo proves Darwinism! But, I digress...

The woman in the picture is not Tonialla G., she's the "security risk", and justice for her moves at a snail's pace.

Speaking of Tonialla, what is it with mothers who feel compelled to give their daughters "unique" names? Does this really help?

And that's the way the just-wondering Ball bounces.

article h/t Drudge.
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Anonymous said...

My spouse is also a US Airways agent in Philadelphia. Tonialla's bad behavior is well known by local senior management, who are gutless wonders for tolerating it. How many customers has this twit driven off? Doug Parker, CEO, is a bright guy and has one of the best executive teams in the industry....it's a shame his senior customer service director in Philadelphia isn't concerned about this treatment of the public. Let Doug know what you think: Douglas.Parker@usairways.com
- wife of a gate agent

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