Saturday, July 09, 2011

Pet Peeve: Where Are The Electrical Outlets In Airport Terminals?

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I'm sitting in the Charlottetown International Airport. At least, I think it's still international -- there's still that flight in from Detroit, and maybe another one that goes to Boston, right?

Nice remodeled passenger waiting area next to "Gate 1" -- paid for with the passenger-provided airport upgrade fee. (I don't think there is a "Gate 2", but I could be wrong.)

So where are all the close-by, adjacent, at-your-feet electrical outlets for all the wired waiting passengers who want to use their laptops and charge up their electronic devices while waiting to be called? Eh?

There are none.

None. It's so short-sighted, it's the electronic equivalent of not providing seating.

Come on, airport terminals of the world -- get with the program. Someone gets paid to run an airport. Start running it.

And that's the way the Shanghai-bound Ball bounces.
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Frances said...

I agree. Came home via Toronto once with laptop and was asked by security to power it up. Said I would try - it did work - and pointed out having power points would be a good idea as batteries do decide not to work.

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