Monday, August 13, 2007

"11 of the past 12 years were the warmest ever recorded."

"11 of the past 12 years were the warmest ever recorded."

I found the above piece of information at -- a David-Suzuki promoted Carbon Credits site.

(A carbon credits site is a site where money changes hands -- for added certainty, let me clarify: the money goes from you, to them. For the money sent, you get to live a profligate carbon lifecyle -- jet all your friends in from all over the world for your wedding, pay the carbon-offsets, and, presto!, you're in the clear.)

Back to "the fact".

I googled the phrase "11 of the past 12 years were the warmest ever recorded", and found that it cropped up all over the place; it has entered our culture as a truism, one of those beyond-dispute factoids that educators are eager to impress upon our children on Mother Earth Day.

Just one problem.

The "fact" is false. It is based on data that has, like the hockey stick, been demonstrated (by climate change skeptics, not David Suzuki) to be inaccurate. NASA has admitted the error and updated its data. It turns out that the 1934 was the hottest year and the 1930s contain 4 of the hottest 10 years.

So, "11 of the past 12 years were the warmest ever recorded" bites the globally-warmed dust.

I have sent an email to querying their quote. They state on their website that part of their mandate is to educate people about climate change, so I am assuming that accurate information is a priority for them.

The question is, how many days will we have to wait until they update their website with corrected information?

Let's call this "Day one".

Let the count begin.

Update -- The "fact" is intact. See post dated August 18th, 2007.

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